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Saimo Weighing Indicator
Saimo's 6000 series of weighing instruments provide outstanding functionality, flexibility and reliability through innovative design with the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology all on a common modular platform. Each instrument model is designed for specific applications and is able to be upgraded with plug in boards making it suitable for the majority of production control and monitoring functions including providing valuable data which is essential in industry today in order to satisfy up-to-the-minute process requirements£®

Series 6000 Enhanced Type Indicators
The 6000 enhanced type electronics apply the identical operating panel and enclosure. All data access and instructions are available through a 320X240 pixel LCD (with 115mmX86mm display area) and a membrane keypad, easy for data entry and operation.

Data Auto Recording
Saimo electronics employ the ferrite memory to automatically record both the original data and the newly changed data when the accuracy-influenced parameters are altered unexpectedly. The accuracy of the belt scale is guaranteed free from unauthorized change on data.

Major Features
  • Common operation, setup, and calibration reducing operator training.
  • Digital electronics
    Provide accurate, drift-free performance
  • Auto zero Calibration
    The integrator will auto-calculate and set up a new zero through one easy operation
  • Auto span Calibration
    Offers several auto span calibration modes
  • Auto zero tracking
    This feature initiates the auto-zero function whenever the conveyor belt runs empty.
  • Linear Compensation
    Full-scale linear output is available, ensuring consistent accuracy with the loads ranging from 20% to 100% F.S.
  • Selectable Analog Output
    Different analog outputs are available for data indications such as flowrate, total and speed.
  • Programmable Inputs and Outputs
    Programmable ports for alarms, instruction, printers, totalizers etc.
  • Filter (damping)
    Filter time is adjustable.
  • Modularized Structure
    Modularized design comprising main board, power board and I/O board for easy maintenance.
  • Zero dead zone
    Enables the operator to install a zero point dead zone to eliminate signal fluctuations from process variations and changing belt conditions£®
  • Speed Input Selection
    Two kinds of speed input methods are available: internal and external
  • Time and date input
    YY-MM-DD and time for calibration history.
  • Multi-level Password Protection
    Provides parameter security for operator access
  • Language selection
    English is default, second language can be Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Self-diagnostics
    The diagnostic feature will display any malfunction of the load cell/s, speed sensor, system parts (CPU, memory, display, etc).
  • Auto Compensation Options - Flow non-1inearity auto-compensation calculation, belt obliquity change auto compensation calculation, moisture compensation calculation based on the moisture values of the materials fed
  • Balance adjustment of Load Cells - Interior auto balance adjustments of two or more load cell systems
  • Double-channel Loadcell Input (Optional)
    This feature is designed for belt slippage detection
  • Volumetric Measuring Feature (Optional)
    Volumetric measuring activates automatically whenever the loadcell fails
  • Load-out Feature (Optional)
    Controls the loadout of carriage, truck or vessel.
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